We started our operation in 2014 as an online job portal. Two years later we started to build our IT recruiters team from seasoned business people coming from recruitment and sales as well as with young professionals showing talent for this profession and also a hunger for success. Since then we have built one of the biggest IT recruitment teams in Prague mainly through our focus on quality service to clients and candidates. Today we serve approximately 30 international companies and their offices in Prague and other European cities.


Our vision is to provide the best possible service to our clients and candidates. For our clients, we provide the most suitable candidates for their vacancies to help their businesses grow. For our candidates, we offer the most suitable job opportunities to meet their career needs so they can fully develop their potential. We also strive for our candidates to have the best possible experience with us and our clients; not only to get most of the information on which they can base their decisions about job offers but also enjoy the whole process.


Innovations are our wellspring and our driving force. Everyone in our company is involved in generating new ideas for the improvement of all aspects of our company - from innovative sourcing techniques to more effective financial management. Senior people in our company are responsible for the suggestion, design and implementation of innovations in all areas of the business.







The high quality of our IT recruitment services provided to our clients and candidates is the cornerstone of our company’s strategy. We are proud of receiving highly positive feedback from our clients and candidates, being praised for excellence in bringing high-quality candidates to our clients’ organisations and providing high-quality service and best match job opportunities to our candidates.


We aim to build and develop strong relationships with our clients and candidates based on trust and high-value service provided. Due to our strong relationships with most of our clients we are able to enjoy high-quality cooperation while recruiting candidate's and thus deliver strong results. With candidates, we aim to build the solid long-term relationship and understand as much as possible their career plans in order to find the most suitable job opportunity for them.


We apply technology and innovative approach in every part of our business to gain a competitive advantage. Whether developing our own candidates' sourcing and management platform, automating our processing, applying the agile methodology in our operation or providing technical training and certifications to our employees. All this helps us provide better and faster service to our clients and candidates and also helps us in the understanding of technical matters discussed on daily basis.


01 / Software Development

02 / QA & Testing

03 / Project Management

04 / Business & IT Analysis

05 / Data & Analytics

06 / Management

07 / Administration & DevOps

13 / Security

09 / IT Support

10 / Hardware Engineering

11 / IT Consulting

12 / Networking

08 / Architecture

14 / Online Marketing & IT Sales



01 /

Direct search for Senior QA Engineer for automated testing


The Client

Our client is a USA based IT company with an IT development office in Prague that develops applications for its corporate customers in the USA.

The challenge

The market for the skills this client required is very competitive in Prague and also the seniority and other technical requirements significantly narrowed the target list of local candidates. There was also a high percentage of contractors that move from company to company whereas our client wanted to employ candidate on a permanent basis.

Our solution

We suggested that we will search for candidates located not only in Prague but also in other parts of the Czech Republic as well as that we will approach Czech or Slovak speaking candidates in other European countries that might be interested to move to

The result

In a 2 weeks time, we delivered 3 qualified candidates that were invited for a Skype interview with managers located in the USA and later for a personal interview with a team in Prague. Finally, the candidate who at that time worked and lived abroad was hired.

02 /

Direct search for Data Scientist

The Client

Our client is a London based global digital research company that was looking to hire an experienced Data Scientist for its newly formed data processing team.

The challenge

The data science area is quite a new one so on the market there is a very limited number of seasoned data science professionals. On top of that our client has quite a strong start-up company culture which limits the pool of relevant candidates.

Our solution

We suggested that we will search for data sciences candidates with no limitations of the size of the companies they have experience with the aim that we will sort out later candidates who will be a good personality set for our client.

The result

In 2 weeks time, we had 4 candidates who had relevant data science experience. We presented all these 4 candidates to our client. One candidate who was the least experienced made a great impression of the CTO of the company due to his very appealing personality, smart way of thinking and also even to not so many years of experience very good knowledge of the area. Later on, our candidate became head of data
science at our client.

03 /

Direct search for Scrum master

The Client

Our client is one of the largest digital marketing agency in the Czech market which was looking for to hire for a seasoned Scrum master who will implement agile software development methodology in their company.

​The challenge

The market for Scrum master is highly competitive and also limited in terms of a number of senior people on the market.

Our solution

We suggested that we will approach candidates who have at least 3 years of experience in scrum master roles and have a preference for those who would be interested in a challenge to completely implement this methodology to our client organisation.

The result

In 3 weeks time we delivered 4 candidates to our client. The candidates who were offered finally declined the offer for our client due to a very appealing job offer from abroad. In an additional 2 weeks time, we presented other 2 candidates from whom 1 get and finally accepted the offer. We were in touch with both client and candidates so we glad that our
candidate successfully implemented agile methodology and continues in a Scrum master role.

04 /

Direct Search - Java Contractors

​The Client

Our client is a US software company that develops and implements healthcare software to
its clients in the US and Europe.

The challenge

Our client wanted to hire a few Java contractors for its localization project in Europe for up to 9 months.

Our solution

We suggested that we will search for candidates currently freelancing or interested in freelancing and having experience in Java development and with a good communicative level of English. We knew that Java developers market is extremely competitive and that
we would need to approach a lot of people to get a few that would be interested. On top of that candidates with this specialization are quite selective regarding future job so we
expected that there might some candidates who would eventually step out from the interview process or not accept the job offer.

The result

We have contacted over 150 people and most of them told us that they are not currently interested in a new project. Finally, we have presented 11 candidates, 4 of them got a job offer and 2 have accepted the offer.

05 /

Direct search - multiple ASP.NET development roles

​The Client

Our client is a Nordic globally operating production company with a part of its internal IT department based in the Czech Republic.

The challenge

Our client wanted to hire several ASP.NET Developers for its international web development projects.

Our solution

We suggested that we will search for ASP.NET developers with good English communication skills. We knew that our client can offer to candidates interesting web projects and that candidates would be able to speak English on a daily basis which helps us to attract candidates for this role.

The result

In this competitive market we have contacted over 50 ASP.NET developers and finally, 2 of them were hired.

06 /

Direct search for Senior Scala Engineer


The Client

Our client is a London based global digital market research company that was looking to hire an experienced Scala Engineer.

​The challenge

The position was very challenging at the time of the search there were just a few people who had experience with Scala.

Our solution

We suggested to our client that we will identify all candidates with Scala experience within our clients preferred locations.

The result

In a 2 weeks time, we found 1 candidate who had strong previous Java experience and about 1-year experience in Scala. We presented this candidate to our client and candidate was finally hired and still works with our client.



01 / CTO

Our client is a CTO at a global digital research company based in London. Our company recruits candidates for specialist and team lead roles within the CEE region in areas such as Python, Ruby, Scala, Data Science and DevOps.

I have been cooperating with SearchTeam for the last 3 years and I am very satisfied with the candidates they have placed in our organization. We have secured exclusive cooperation for IT roles and even though we have many headhunters offers we have no reason for changing from SearchTeam.

02 / Test Manager

Our client is a Test Manager responsible for the QA department at a US software company that develops and sells healthcare software to its customers worldwide.​

SearchTeam recruited several experienced testers for our team in Prague. I would like to highlight the good quality of candidates, speed of presentation of candidates, very good communication with SearchTeam consultants and proactive approach.

03 / HR Business Partner

Our client Senior HR Business Partner responsible for IT roles within a company operating in the energy sector.

I am very satisfied with the SearchTeam services. They are very fast and I can rely on them - once I brief them with a new position they will immediately start searching for candidates and either deliver candidates or if any problem arises with the search they will immediately communicate. SearchTeam, to my positive surprise, delivers quality candidates which meet the description very fast.


04 / .NET Teamleader

Our candidate is a Senior .NET Developer who was approached with a job opportunity within a US software company. He started to work for our client organization and was later promoted to team-leader and became our client contact for hiring purposes.

​Cooperation with SearchTeam as a candidate and later as a client was very good. As a candidate, I appreciated a lot of information about the company and the position provided by SearchTeam and the pleasant approach of the consultant. As a client, I appreciated the speed and high quality and relevancy of delivered candidates and also pleasant cooperation.

05 / Python Developer

Our candidate is a senior Python developer whom we approached and hired at our client, a London based digital research company, on a remote basis.

I was very pleased with the cooperation with SearchTeam. I had experience with several IT recruiters and in most cases, it was not good. With SearchTeam, however, I was very comfortable as they did not push me but rather smoothly facilitated all interviews with my current employer and also provided a lot of important information about the company and the interview process.



06 / Software Architect

Our candidate is a software architect with a professional background in .NET Development
and software architecture. We hired this architect for our client - which is the largest company in its sector within Central Europe. ​

I mostly appreciated the very good communication with the consultant. I was given a lot of information about the job opportunity and advice at each stage of the interview process. I also appreciated the perfect punctuality of the consultant.



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